Juneau Jumpers


  • Welcome Back Returning 2015 Jumpers!
          • Bring your filled forms before coming to practice.
          • First practice starts Sunday, 9/13
  • Potential New Jumpers:
          • Tryouts are on Sunday, 10/4, 3-5pm @ Glacier Valley.
  • Pre-tryout practices available:
          • Sunday, 9/20, 3-5pm @ Glacier Valley
          • Sunday, 9/27, 3-5pm @ Glacier Valley
  • More Info call: 
          • Coach Karen
          • 907-321-8987

  •  General Requirements:
  • 90 speed steps in 1 minute (Counting the right foot only)
  • 60 double unders consecutively 
  • Compulsary Routine:
  • 2 Single Bounces
  • 2 Forward Criss Cross
  • 2 Single Bounces
  • 2 Forward Side Swing Criss Crosses
  • 2 Single Bounces
  • 1/2 turn backward
  • 2 Single Bounces
  • 2 Backward Criss Crosses
  • 2 Single Bounces
  • 2 Backward Side Swing Criss Crosses
  • 2 Single Bounces
  • 1/2 turn forward
  • 2 Single Bounces
  • 4 Can Cans
  • 2 Single Bounces
  • 4 Double Unders

  • Participants will be judged on the three requirements as well as their ability to stay on task. All are welcome and encouraged to participate in the tryout practices and tryouts. If you have any questions, Please call Coach Karen at 907 321-8987

The Juneau Jumpers is a multi-age rope skipping competition and demonstration team located in the beautiful city of Juneau, Alaska. Through the sport of rope skipping we encourage and establish the love of a sport for health and fitness.

2009-2010 team

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Juneau Jumpers are members of the United States Amateur Jump Rope Federation and compete at regional, national, and international levels as well as provide entertaining demonstration shows for audiences of all ages. Since the Juneau Jumpers were founded in 1985 it has earned both national and international recognition in the increasingly popular sport of rope jumping.

Juneau Jumpers is a non-profit organization whose existence relies entirely on a staff of volunteer coaches, supportive parents and generous sponsors.

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